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Tips, tricks, and tutorials for gaming consoles... All tutorials written by me, unless otherwise stated.

Advice: What you see below is not all I have to offer for tutorials. I have some "easter egg" tutorials hidden throughout my website attched to mod posts! You can find these "easter egg" tutorials in the Kustom Mods and My Kustom Mods pages under Directions:

Quick Tip!
PlayStation: Immediatly after accidently erasing a save you wanted to keep in your Memory Card screen, press all 4 shoulder buttons (L1+L2+R1+R2) at the same time to recieve the lost save! Unknown to work for portable PSone, or PlayStation2 system...

PlayStation / PSone Overclock Tutorial

My "Ancient Overhaul" Ghetto PS2 Project

N64 LED Replacement

Gamebit Security Screw Removal

Dreamcast Modem LED

Dreamcast VMU LED

Dreamcast "Night Light"

Dreamcast Open/Closed Door Switch with LED Indicator

Dreamcast Battery Replacement

Saturn Built-in AV Cable

Saturn Battery Pack

Saturn Controller LED

PlayStation2 Swap Tricks

PlayStation2 Controller LED

PlayStation2 Cathode Tube Installation (CCFT)

PlayStation2 HDD Access LEDs

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