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Kyle's Attempt at a PSOne Portable

Portable Project now CANCELLED! Failed...
My first attempt at a portable... Its slowly coming to life.

Here's the concept for the portable... Even went into detail ont he controller, color matches approx. color when finished. conecpt drawn without buttons such as power, overclock, and things like LEDs and such... Just an idea.

These were my ideas of how to place the CD-ROM and memory card slots, all over-hauled, designed as concept is layed out...

My idea for the memcard slots, and second player controller connection...

My LCD screen cut out... Looks better in this pic than it actually is... Will most definatly cover up the bad edges with something... The edges aren't SO bad, but not perfect...

My laser assembly cut out... I did this on purpose to add look... Will be painted same color as the case when finished... Sky Blue!

The things I do for something new...

The case NOW with the controller cut out. The guts fit symetrically without using ANY of the case's space, except for wires... I now have room for other things under the controller!

Questions or comments...