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This page is to display all the weird mods and machines. Note: Some of these are REALLY dumb!

The sewing Gameboy. Some people, I don't know who, wrote a program for the Gameboy color that allows you to create a pattern, and have a sewing machine do it. Weird.

This is a PSX system, with it's power supply in a bottle, the main board and heat sink inside of the D Link box, and the laser housing on top. The maker of this said the laser was broke, so out of bordom he made this weird case. If the laser worked, this would be one hell of a weird PSX system.

Weird SNES mod. Made out of cardboard. Pretty neat, but, why?

3 PlayStation systems with cool paint jobs. Weird paint jobs, but cool.

Poly Station: Nintendo clones. Design ripped off of PlayStation, but made to play 8-bit Nes games. The logo on one even looks like the PlayStation logo. The makers have even went as far to create a portable PSone look-alike, (poly_station3.jpg) and an X Box one. No pic. These are actual systems that were, and still are sold at stores! Not here in America though.

Atari's first PC. Looks like the PS2..?

This is a Nintendo 8-bit clone (left). It is about half the size of the original one, (right). I have no information on this.

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