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Last updated 017/23/06
Hey everyone. Sorry for no updates in awhile. Been getting out of console mods. But hey, working on some really good ideas for mods. Let's just say, one includes the use of 4 mercury switches! Thats all I'm telling you!

I've removed a couple pages, and lots of picturs from them pages to make room. I haven't updated in so long for the following reasons... 1. I was almost out of space. 2. No one's been sending me pics, and 3. I lost my HTML template I used to post new mods.

DOWNLOAD the PSone OC guide!
I finished writing a tuorial for overclocking your PlayStation / PSone console. You can download the MSWord guide in .zip format here...PSX Overclock Tutorial It rocks! You can also find the HTML version in the Tricks and Tutorials page! Have fun!
The PSOne Portable Tutorial
1.51MB Winzip, opens in MSWord 2000

Remember to constantly check the Tricks and Tutorials page for new and interesting tutorials, and the Kustom Mods page for a new "Spotlight Mod", and additions to the "Front Page Wonders" from before I've forgotten I had!

DMS4 E.Z.I. Pro install successful!

I had, and still have, a successful install of this risky modchip... Still running smooth. All those rumors put to rest, DMS4 E.Z.I. is the way to go! Very easy! PS2 V7, with 80GB HDD, DMS4 Pro with Toxic OS .4, and 4" CCFT tube in front vent!

I'm looking for parts and games... Here's what I need!

1. DMS4 Pro EZI kit, chip and all...$50 shipped

2. Gameshark2 V4 or higher for PS2... $15/ or make an offer

For Sale!

1. eVGA socket 939 motherboard. With all cables and blah... More information if needed... $50/ or make an offer

Don't wanna sell your stuff for these prices? Then e-mail to make offers... Thank you!

Check out Daniel J. Allen's new PlayStation design. Here's the diagram... newpsxdesign.jpg

Started as an old scanner, newpsxdesign_0.jpg
Here are some pics of the project so far... newpsxdesign_1.jpg newpsxdesign_2.jpg newpsxdesign_3.jpg
Here's the newest pictures of the project...
newpsxdesign_4.jpg newpsxdesign_5.jpg newpsxdesign_6.jpg
newpsxdesign_7.jpg newpsxdesign_8.jpg

E-mail me with questions or comments...