PlayStation2 with romantic LED

This was a mod idea I had posted on my site for a while, but never got around to doing. I guess it's for the best though, becuase I forgot the LED I wanted to use at my dads house before this contest started, and if I didn't I would have already done the mod, and it wouldn't have counted. Whoo! Here's what the idea was going to be, 2 LED's instead of one. That would create twice the light, and twice the effect. Too bad.

Anyway, this is what I did. I took this 3v red LED and inserted it in the Expansion Bay of the PlayStation2 in the front for a nice night time effect. I tried to hide the LED,but there wasn't any room to hide it where you couldn't see the actual LED, but only the light it gave off. Does that make any sense? Hmm.

I didn't know where to get 3v of power for the LED from the PS2, so I had to compensate, or however that word is spelleded. I remembered that I had a PSone car adapter. This little device brought the 12v from the car battery to another 12v plug, and also a 7.5v plug. Well, I also noticed there was an LED used to light up and tell you the thing was being used. Hmm?

I figured the LED was 3v, and it was. What did I do? Well, I removed that LED, it was crap, and barely lit, and soldered 2 wires to the pos. and neg. joints. I then touched the wires to my LED while the thing was plugged into the 12v spot in the PS2 PSU, and it worked! Oh my God, Oh my God, OH MY GOD! Well. I wanted to keep the device by the fan in the back to keep it cool, so I soldered up longer wire, and just ran it up to the bright red LED in the expansion port, then glued it in. I mounted the device by insulating it with black tape, and cramming it between the case and heatsink so it won't move. I now have an extra power supply for another 12v current, possibly for a second fan, and a 7.5v current for something "special." The pic is a cheap bitmap drawing of what the board looks like crammed in the PS2. I forgot to take a pic before I closed it up.

I had it planned to replace the red LED with 2 ultra bright blue LED's. Ohh yeah! Ultra bright! 5200MCD! But uhh, then I got me some 6000MCD red LED's. There's only 1 LED in the console, and it's lit up that much! This really looks nice at night, and is still visible during the day. Really visible!

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