Name: Kyle Riffel
Tutorial Name: PlayStation2 Controller LED
Download: N/A
Pic: riva16_ps2_controller.jpg

First of all: This is not a mod to replace the analog LED! This is just a tutorial of how to add a LED anywhere you want to a PS2 controller. This could be one pointing forward out the top, or a LED out the bottom of each handle... Whatever you want...

What you will need:

1. PlayStation2 Dual Shock 2 Analog Controller
2. Soldering iron and solder
3. Any 5mm pr 3mm LED of your choice that runs safely at 4v
4. 10 Ohm resistor
5. Drill with bits
6. Small Phillips head screwdriver
7. Super glue

First Things First:
Take the controller, and remove the 6 screws on the bottom. Take the bottom pice off by pulling up on it, keeping the front of the controller facing down...
Look at the top left of the board now. You should see 9 wires soldered to the board... This is the main input from the controller to the system... We can safely pull 4.11v from this area. Your solder point for 4.11v is on this diagram...

The LED:
Take your LED and solder the 10 Ohm resistor to the positive leg, and then solder wire off the resistor from where you want to place the LED on the controller itself, to the pos. point on the board. Now, solder the ground wire from LED ground to the board ground. Test it by simply plugging the controller in, and watching for LED to turn on.

Mounting the LED:
Simply find where you want the LED to point out of, and drill there until the LED fits, (Starting with a small bit, and working up until the LED just fits.)
My LED points forward from the right side of the controllers cord. Your LED could point out the bottom of one of the handles, or you could put 2 LEDs, and have one out of each handle!
Once you've got your LED working, and it fits snuggly in the hole, super glue it in for the added support. Re-assemble the controller, being careful of the shoulder (L1, L2, R1, & R2) buttons! They can be tricky to get right... Congrats! You did it! Send me a pic of your PS2 controller LED to...

Here's my LED...

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