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Kyle's Quality Back-Ups
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I can't stress this enough... You must own the original of every game you buy! I will not be held responsible for YOU buying a copy of a game you do not own just to get away from buying it at the store. I had to buy them, you will too! Or be it in the hands of the law. I only sell games in which I own the original of. I do not own any games in which I do not have the original copy of. I back-up all my games to keep the original in good shape, and that's why I offer this service. So anyone who doesn't have a CD burner can have a back-up. I also do not sell games that are patched with anti-protection fixes, or bootable CD-R patches. Thank you.

I offer most games in NTSC/UC format, but I do have some games to sell in NTSC/J (Japanese), and PAL (Euro). Make sure you choose the correct game format you need. You can also only order a whole multi-disc game. (Means you CANNOT only order 1 of the 3 discs for example).

Games Back-Up list (NTSC Games only)

PlayStation Enhancement back-ups...
Gameshark 2 PSone Read-only disc
-Extra GS disc that comes with Gameshark 2 for PS2. Boots codes straight from CD, no card (dongle) needed.

Big Wave 3 Gameshark Enhancement CD
-Updates Gameshark cartridge for PSX systems with i/o ports

Import Player Version 2.0 Alpha
-Allows use of Gameshark for games that don't allow GS use. Removes Anti-mod from games. And forces games to load at NTSC, or PAL.

Metal Gear Solid (2 disc)
Metal Gear Solid VR Missions
Silent Hill
Dino Crisis
Resident Evil Director's Cut
Resident Evil 2 (2 disc)
Resident Evil 3
Resident Evil Survivor
Syphon Filter
Syphon Filter 2 (2 disc)
Final Fantasy 7 (3 disc)
Final Fantasy 8 (4 disc)
Final Fantasy 9 (4 dsic)
Fear Effect (4 disc)
Galerians (3 disc)
Shadow Madness (2 disc)
Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider 2
Tomb Raider 3
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
Tomb Raider: Chronicles
Critical Depth
Rainbow Six
Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear
MTV Music Generator
Driver 2 (2 disc)
Medal of Honor
Grind Session
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
Twisted Metal 2
Twisted Metal 4
Vigilante 8
NTSC/J (Japanese) Back-Up list...

Metal Gear Solid Integral (3 disc)
Final Fantasy 8 (4 disc)
Dino Crisis
PAL (Euro.) Back-Up list...


E-mail me at to order! Make sure the subject line is something like... "PlayStation Back-up Order" so it stands out, and I can get to it faster! Thanks!