Name: Kyle Riffel
Tutorial's Name: Dreamcast Cord Extension
Pic: dccontrolmod_0.jpg

DC Cord Extension Tutorial

Why: Sometimes the cord on the DC's controller is just too short. You either have to lean with your arms out to play, or stand up. F*** that! I'm playing comfortable, or trashing the DC. So, I decided to be comfortable.

Tutorials Model: This tutorial was written using an official HKT-7700 model controller, and HKT-3020 model system from Sega.

What you need:
1. Soldering iron, and rosin core solder
2. Two DC controllers -one good, and one broken for cord, or willing to destroy for cord
3. Scissors
4. Black tape (AKA Electrical Tape)
5. Sandwhich baggy -to hold small pieces
Let's Go!

Note: Your gonna need to remove the cord from one DC controller to extend to the other controller. The controller without a cord is useless, but a good backup if another breaks. Just remove broken board, and put the back-up in. Anyway...

Cord on Cord Action

Ok... Remove the 6 screws from both controllers, and put the screws in a baggy. Take the backs off. You can see where the cord plugs into each controller. On your broken (un used) controller, remove the cord by pulling gently on the connection. This is the cord we will use to plug into the DC, why not?

"Insert pic of broken controller cord removed, and good controller open"

Now, remove the same cord plug from the good controller, AND remember which controller is which. Maybe even put the broken (un used) controller somewhere. We don't need it anymore, just the cord. You might want to put the broken (un used) controller all back together but w/o a cord for later, back-up uses.

We need to cut the tip from the good controllers cord by the end where it plugs into the DC. After, strip the grey insulation about 1 1/2 in. from the end so you can work with it.

Now, grab your other cable, and just cut the connection off that went to the board of the controller, NOT the end that plugs into the DC itself. There shouldn't be any insulation to cut, unless you need more room to strip each wire if you cut it right.

"insert pic of each cord stripped correctly"

Now it's just a matter of connecting each color wire to their corresponding color on the other cable. Once this is done, DON'T solder each wire yet. First test it by plugging into DC, then into controller's board, and making sure each wire doesn't touch anything else.

Work? Good. Now, simply use black tape to insulate EACH wire it self, then wrap the tape all the way down the splice to hide the wires. Your done! Well, if you're the type of person who doesn't care what something loooks like, as long as it works. I'm a pro modder, I'm not like that, so...

Covering The Crap:

Man, this looks like crap! Well, we need to hide the tape and give it a "Pro Modders" look! Well, what do we have... Ohh, we still have the plug that goes to the DC we cut off earlier. Hmm... I got it! Lets use the plug to hide at least most of the tape.

We need to pop open the plug by prying it open with a knife or something. Once its open, de-solder the cord from the pins. Once the cords out, we can take both halfs, and apply them over the splice in our cord. But first, if you just put super glue on the edges of the plug, then apply it, the plug may slide down the cord, and not be tight.

Put glue on the inside of each plug half, then on the edges, and apply to the splice on the cord. The glue should dry attached to the tape and not move, covering at least most of the splice.

Here's a pic of my Dreamcast controller cord extended...

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