Untested! Do at your own risk! This is only temporary until I get a LED to test it!

Name: Kyle Riffel
Tutorial Name: PlayStation2 Analog LED Change
Platform: PlayStation2
Tutorial Download: N/A
Pic: analogled_0.jpg

PlayStation2 Analog LED Change
By: Kyle Riffel
Why: Ever get bored of seeing that red LED light up when you press the Analog button? Well, I do. So, I decided to change it to a bright blue!

The Tutorials Model: This tutorial was written using a Version 7, SCPH 39001 model PlayStation2, and a model SCPH 10010 Dual Shock 2 controller.

What you will need:
1. Soldering iron
2. LED, color of your choice, 3v min.
3. Dual Shock 2 controller
4. Phillips head screw driver

And we're off...

First thing... take the controller apart using your screw driver. Make sure to get all screws, then carefully remove the back. Make sure top of controller is facing down while removing the back.

There should be a board in the center of the controller with the analog sticks attached. That's what we need. Now, look closely at the board. See the white, square LED? It should have 2 legs going up to the board. These are the solder points. But wait! We don't need both the solder points that the LED is connected to, just one! Look at this diagram for where to solder...

Make sure, like stated in the diagram, that you remove the old LED so you can place your new on in it's place.

NOTE: If you used a bright LED, even though it will not fit in the rectangle slot like the old one, you should still not be able to see a circle effect from the LED through the window. It should look nice. The fog screen in front of the LED should spread the light around and look even.

Just bend the LED legs to fit as close as possible to screen when all closed up. If the legs are too long, simply de-solder, cut them a little shorter, then solder back on to appropriate place.

Simple huh?

Good luck on your mod!

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